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1 poem

by Jayson Keery

Jayson Keery lives in Western Mass, where they attend the MFA for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They are the Assistant Managing Editor of jubilat and the curator and host of the Majestic reading series, as well as the HUT reading series in Northampton, MA. Their work has been featured in Pilot Press London’s Queer Anthology of Rage, Girls Like Us Magazine, b l u s h lit, and Cosmonauts Avenue. You can follow their reading series and work on their  Instagram @mostly_like_being_left_alone.

Breast Pump

Note: It is recommended to view this piece on desktop due to its unique formatting.

Scout badge for superlative fag behavior,          asking what kind of sex I’d “like.”

Me sometimes wishing there was              missionary for fags but

missionaries maybe aren’t so          sexy for some.


“You got any kinks?”           such a natural question

for them. I think about it.          Does internalized homophobia count as a kink?

As a general fetish umbrella?        Like here’s the role play: We’re both women—See?

In my darkest mind: Lifting Victorian skirts.             Thumb grazing a real man’s butt hole...

Butch at the gas pump looked like a TERF.          The pump squeaked between us. Bed springs.

I wanted her to lift my shirt and be mad.       Or dumbstruck. Fists pounding. A baby seeking milk.

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