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1 poem

by Jenna Jaco

Jenna Jaco is a technical writer from Texas working in visual programming and the internet of things. Her work has most recently appeared in What Fresh Witch Is This? and Sweet Tree Review


one time cassie mcdermott 

showed us her tweety bird bra on the playground! 

one time i lived in korea too long one time 

i will have a garden, i will like gardening, i will! 

one time i made my ex think i was gonna

run him over, engine revved, he jumped so high,

but this was in high school one time. one time

i’m saying i need to have self control

and the next i’m buying a miniature miffy mug!

one time i’m a bad biddie! 

one time i will make an old friend at the symphony

and it will work out because we will have similar schedules

and one time we sneak chocolates inside.

one time alicia vikander will play tennis with me.

one time he shaved his mustache and honestly 

game changer. one time i won’t be able to walk a long time 

and i will wear a visor that goes partly under my hair. 

one-time gardening callback?

one time he said “just the tip” non-ironically and i

never let him live it down, but maybe one time.

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