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Jennifer Skelton is a poet and artist from Buffalo, NY. She is an editor at CWP Press.  Jennifer’s chapbook Gin was released in March, 2017. Her work has been published in Ghost City Review, Philosophical Idiot, and My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry anthology to name a few. Jennifer likes to hug furry critters, trees, and the occasional person. 

1 poem by Jennifer Skelton

Gwen Stefani

I love bananas. Not because they are not apples, oranges, or even tomatoes, but because they are bananas. I think bananas are an honest fruit, the way it’s almost impossible to replicate their taste. Bananas are a vulnerable fruit; easily bruised and disposed of. I like that babies can eat bananas with their gummy mouths. I’d like to feed you bananas


if your teeth rot out on the other end of things. I’d like to clean the stringy parts from your dentures. I’d feed you so many bananas in all their various forms. Raw, fried, bread, & pudding. On special occasions I’d add some strawberries, or even chocolate, but only for an anniversary


or Arbor Day. I could keep your skin soft by rubbing you down with mashed bananas. I’d still kiss your hands when they look like the spotted ones, because I love those too. Maybe I could make you a bed from the peels. Build us a home from their flowers and pluck the fruit when it’s ready so I could make you dinner every day. I think you’d like that more than I like bananas.

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