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1 poem
by Jessica Thornton

Jessica Thornton is a poet and high school English teacher living in Tampa, Florida. Her poems have been published in Gigantic Sequins, Poet Lore, and elsewhere.

When I Feel It, I Feel It Too Much

Once someone entered my body while I was sleeping

so now sometimes I cry during sex.

Men tell me this is a turn off

& think they’re saying something of substance.


They are not interesting or intelligent.

I am funnier than the men I date.


My Tinder bio says “loving me should come with flood insurance

because I have enough tears to fuck up your floorboards.”


I am still trying to make peace with the rain

but it does not recognize me.


I invoke God in the poem when I am desperate.

I invoke Carly Rae Jepsen in the poem much more often.


I just think one of them more than the other

would hold me when I’m crying after sex


& no disrespect to God; it’s not his fault

we have mystified & misdefined what it means to be a man.


& no disrespect to God but I think I would have preferred it

if he had let me sleep through that night altogether.


If given the choice between not being touched that night

& never writing a poem again,


you would be staring at a blank page

& I might be anywhere.

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