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1 poem

by joanie moss braddock

joanie moss braddock is a queer trans poet completing her undergraduate degree in creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her work has been published in Headwaters, Pansy Collective Compilation Zine, and Apricity. She received the Topp-Grillot Scholarship for Strongest Students in Poetry in 2016, and her poem "St John in the Wilderness" received an honorable mention in the Association of Writer's & Writing Programs' 2019 Intro Journals Project. Her work captures an ethics of curiosity, parsing the intimately personal and the painfully cryptic with tenderness, wonder, and care. She believes in cultivating and sustaining community through artistic, political, and personal work (which are often the same) as a means of resisting alienation.

Saying It

My heart is divided into many birdsongs,


and I am hearing my name tasted


and I am not wanting to be devoured


I am wanting to be told


this is your name       thank you


          i love you          say it back


                 I am saying it                       in a dream


                 on your neck                        in beetle-tusks


                 I am shaping the words in mouth

                 when I retell the fairytale where you untie

                 the ribbon from my neck but I leave out

                 the specifics I am saying it

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