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1 poem

by JoAnna Novak

JoAnna Novak is the author of the novel I Must Have You and the book-length poem Noirmania. Her work has appeared in publications including The Paris Review, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Salon, Guernica, and BOMB. She is a co-founder of the literary journal and chapbook publisher, Tammy




Body with dead heat, matted fur, abusive lair


Disarranged girlhood down the madder couch


When not far a glass drowns its pink-purple fanfare


Behind the screen an egg broke whitens the short road


You could carefree an aisle, you might call it an air


There were no blood-limits, just an origin in gauze


So run it, roll it, work it, raise it, boil off care


How much left of summer, when nothing ends in the end


Just a baby: so little to cry, so little to think


One never minds puking when the returns are so grand

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