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Joe Nasta is a queer writer and mariner who splits zir time between New York, Seattle, and the Ocean. Joe is one half of the art and poetry collective Eat Yr Manhood and runs a communal studio at the Sun and Moon House in Beacon Hill, Seattle. Zir work has been published in The Rumpus, Yes Poetry, Pidgeonholes, and others. Ze co-curates a zine of unconventional art and writing at and serves as prose reader for The Adroit Journal. Find Joe on Instagram and Twitter @roflcoptermcgee and at

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by Joe Nasta


Editor's note: We recommend reading this piece on desktop due to its unique formatting.


Lol I hate Times Square at night but I’ll take you. Welcome to New York. It’s like you’ve never seen a building before. It’s like you’ve never been so artificial. Okay, I’ll smile and wink.     Blue

or Pink? I was arrogant when I was younger and dumb, too. I visited cities                             like

Boston & Honolulu looking up, saying this isn’t a real city, the light                                     comes

from the sun. Yellow or Red? Okay, look at me now. Of course                                         I’ll take a

photograph with you as long as you tag me. I look so good. The answer                        is always

Orange. I know you’re in the closet but yr hard for the Naked Cowboy.                     Will you kiss

me on the Toys R Us ferris wheel? Oh wait, it’s gone now                                     like all the peep

shows. Nothing’s left but who even cares? I will take my pants off.                 Do you remember

the Desnudas? Do you know the H&M Building is actually empty? Haha      my open mouth and

eyes. The ESPN Sportscenter. American Girl Dollstore tea party.         Porn theaters. Bike lanes

and Pedestrian Plazas. Let’s spend all our money on shitty clothes  at the Forever 21. What do

my ads look like to you and will you buy me? I’d be a porn star                 if I wasn’t actually sex

repulsed. Look at my lips. Go buy me a beer, I don’t have my fake ID.

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