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3 poems

by Joe Rupprecht

Joe Rupprecht is from Syracuse, NY. He is the author of "faggy bird poems" (Ghost City Press 2017). His work has been published or is forthcoming in New Delta Review, Spy Kids Review, Epigraph Magazine, SAND, Entropy, and elsewhere. He tweets @heterofobe

gibbous faggot hypnosis



day moon gaze blank


as nether witness



a floating


sky glitch      


gradual glowing


corolla of no



petals in the almost dusk

we forgive the sky for being a mirage



my drenched constellation


seeps stars into the night dryness


forging atmospheres


that dissolve playfully in immediate blue

gay flowers to heal my neuroses



floral clumps in fernish glades


diffusing pollen gone traipsingly


lost my quell obsess


all sere aspiring but


no drop of spill to pool as gentle ponds

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