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Jordan Hoxsie is a graysexual poet living in Burbank, CA. They are the founder of Varsity Goth Press, the Social Media Editor for Reality Beach, and the Interviews / Reviews Editor for Ghost City Review. Jordan is the author of several mini-chapbooks, including MUSTANG (Ghost City Press, 2017) and goth gospel (2016). They are especially thankful to be one of the fifty contributors featured in the glo worm press anthology & thriving, which collects work by trans and genderqueer writers and artists between the ages of zero and twenty-five. More of their writing can also be found in Metamorphosen, Vinyl, For Every Year, Uut Poetry, Indicia, Effervescent Mag, and Babe Soda Zine, among others. They tweet @jordanhoxsie.

2 poems by Jordan Hoxsie



crisp apple hand soap
draining in the sink after
the crucifixion





destiny is what white people
whisper at night
to bore their demons to death

to keep the sheep fed
and plump with confidence

it is the feather left
on their tongues

after they fuck another angel
in their dreams

after they crowdsource heaven
to look like a snowstorm
large enough to bury their hatchets

after they come so hard
a bald eagle is the new centerfold

scalping prices on the next plantation
on the new luxury swimming pool
that was once a glacier

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