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José Arturo Flores

José Arturo Flores is a graduate of the writing program at California Institute of the Arts. He lives in Southern Cal. He is the author of 3 books of poetry: InflorescenceThe Soul of the Tick, and Elegy for a Blade of Grass.

37 Easy Epigrams for a Motherless Child

  1. she’s older by 30 seconds, she thinks that counts, she thinks rubbing one’s body against scripture is the best kind of warmth

  2. all of creation took less than one second! even a pair of mittens

  3. when I was six I wanted to be a pop star, at the time it was not an embarrassing thing to say, it was quite common for a kid in a turtleneck to look out the window during class and dream about stardom

  4. an empty bag is not filled with sand by a good idea no matter how good or “out there” it happens to be

  5. today it is no longer possible to look out a window with meandering proclivities

  6. compared to a slothful act men and women lock horns on the permafrost

  7. do you still think about the critic?

  8. when you’re in your bed at night counting the number of pimples on your face do you use an abacus?

  9. I may never learn to walk, I may never learn to tie my shoes

  10. and that’s perfectly normal

  11. my true goal is to become Animal dripping with taboos not knowing where I will snap the neck of my next meal

  12. to stand alone means you have reached a state of flawlessness and for now you don’t need any further assistance

  13. who if any one has reached this lofty pinnacle

  14. it’s lonely at the bottom

  15. her life is different than my life because she was raised by loving parents who doted on her while I was raised by a pack of banshees

  16. dance if you must but save stillness for the island of Lesbos

  17. la puerca ya torció el rabo

  18. if you see her say hello

  19. the artist formerly known as Crazy Eddie rose to prominence throughout the Tri-State Region and is now living in an old folks home in Poughkeepsie

  20. disambiguation number one, Eddie Vedder strummed a guitar with a rhythmic pulse all night long and was adored by fans and many women

  21. some keepsake waits for you at the bottom of a lost REM

  22. as long as you can keep the hacky sack in the air, boys will wander the roads of the hard life

  23. he was beyond reproach and living in a discarded abalone shell

  24. even the warm Baja waves were not enamored of his grace and wit for he was cursed from birth

  25. as soon as the shit hits the fan all of your senses awaken and this is the gift of time in a bottle

  26. what if all my life has been a waste standing here a less than zero sum a ballpark figure lording over Jamaica, Queens from my college dormitory

  27. is notoriety a man-made sustenance?

  28. just keep it up and all your goals will vanish in the blink of an eye as you are digging catch-basins in the savanna

  29. airborne is the treasure that consumes the ghost

  30. holy men have roamed these hills in loin cloths but which woman has regained her footing on a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune

  31. sticky they call all bottomless pits

  32. a plaster of Paris boy made his way home through the ganglions of night

  33. arrested by a lukewarm vision

  34. several men and women, humans as it were, have noticed a baby horn protruding from unwept tears at the center of their personal philanthropy

  35. fourth floor Schermerhorn extension bathroom was the floating palace of pearls taken with a packet of sugar

  36. through the unquilted curtain of graffiti

  37. even cilia weep for a mannequin in a shop window who will never go to law school

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