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Joseph Parker Okay lives in Tucson with his best friend/cat. He’s the author of “my phone is about to die and i hope it takes me with it” (2F2H, 2016) as well as several ebooks, which can be found at He tweets @verysoftlake.

2 poems by Joseph Parker Okay

is the universe expanding to scale

or is everything constantly being skewed? 

today i thought a lot about a person i only know online.

a few weeks ago i watched 6 am waves crash onto rocks while hearing thunder in the distance. i’m always alone for the beautiful moments.

a fun thing i’ve been doing lately is giving up on everything and calling it Anxiety Management. 

today i thought a lot about how most of my daily experiences are relatively new in the world, like how my generation is the first to show up late for work because we couldn’t decide if our selfie looked best in hudson or valencia. 

tonight’s golden hour lasted only 47 minutes.

a fun thing i’ve been doing lately is lying down in the shower and Waiting For The Future. it comes incessantly, gradually running out of steam.

january 13, 2016

3 days ago i tried refilling my zoloft prescription and the pharmacy said they couldn’t refill it until i call my insurance company

20 minutes ago i ate .5 mg of xanax and finally felt okay enough to call my insurance company

it was an automated voice

the automated voice asked me to enter my 12 digit prescription number but my prescription number is only 11 digits long

the automated voice made me enter my prescription number 4 times before saying “that’s all right”

like the automated voice knew i was embarrassed

like the automated voice had a higher emotional intelligence than my roommate

i was transferred to a representative whose name i already can’t remember

they asked me my name

they asked me my birthdate

they asked me my zip code

they said it will be one moment

we sat in silence for maybe a minute and it felt nice

they said they were sorry

we sat in silence a few more minutes and it still felt nice

sitting in silence with strangers always seems endearing to me

they said they’ve never seen the page they were waiting to load take so long to load

we both laughed nervously

they said they were going to try something else

they said i was all set

we thanked each other

we told each other to have a good night

we hung up

chelsea texted me and asked if i wanted to come over

i told her i would rather be alone tonight

i told her i was sorry

i walked into the kitchen

i started opening a can of navy beans but gave up halfway through

my hands didn’t want to do anything anymore

my body didn’t want to do anything anymore

i sat on my kitchen floor and leaned against the cupboard door

outside the temperature is in the single digits

my cat meowed then walked over to her food dish

i felt my back sliding against the cupboard door

i felt the side of my body stop sliding once it hit the ground

i thought about how i’m moving to tucson in 7 weeks

i smelled something burning on the stovetop 

i couldn’t remember what i was cooking

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