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Kimmy Walters lives in San Diego. She tweets @ka_waltz. More information can be found on her website,

2 poems by Kimmy Walters



head of baby dog appears

in car window

immediately wreathed in

bubblegum vape cloud…


things to google when I get home:

moonlight tower

best pancakes in san diego

list of multiple births


my name always marked by

spinning asterisk

in whatever list…


will I be called sweetheart this week?

of course I will

it’s gotten to the point that I believe

I might be one


though I would fuck my body up

to make one person realize

that hurting me was wrong


or even to prevent him

from enjoying a beach


but this offer is not on the table

so I am doing it for no reason


it does feel so good…

in a way that few things do anymore


I wish more things felt like

eating raspberries or touching an animal


but these are the rules…

with so many asterisks strung through

them they are skylike


fairy lights in some dorm room in a

landlocked state…


I wouldn’t be surprised

if earth turned out to be

just one organ

in some big dead thing

no not the heart



it’s like boat wrapped

in christmas lights under the moon


it’s like pit bull with lavender claws


or mildness so intense

you can’t even begin to ignore it…


it’s like girl saying

have a good day at work

as she hands you your coffee


and you feeling overwhelmingly

that you are somehow her husband


you’d do anything for her!



it’s like crying because

you know you can’t afford her tuition…


it’s like red train with

intermittent violence


or bird on seventh floor…


or prozac lost in bedsheets…


or bonbon at terminal velocity…


or a crime caught in intervals on a trail camera…


it’s like essential oil in the diffuser and

cold toast on the plate


it’s like…every human hair in the ocean

forming one big knot

just to show off!


it’s like

mentally recategorizing

swiss army knife

as gift

after you wrap it,


then formally surrendering it to a

woman in uniform at the airport…


it’s like image of a nebula, fully

colorized so it can be understood visually

from so far away


or drunkenly braiding your own hair

while your roommate tells you about bad art…


or inability to fall asleep unless there are

mice in the walls…


it’s like boyfriend in the distance,

softened by easy weather


it’s like


trying your best not to say

don’t look down


because it didn’t work last time

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