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1 poem

by Kiyanna Hill

Kiyanna Hill is a third-year MFA candidate at the University of Maryland. Originally from Virginia, she bounces back and forth between Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. She's always willing to discuss "The Great British Baking Show" and horror films produced by A24. Find her on Instagram @kiyawnna.

Under Overhead Lighting

            after Carrie Mae Weems’s Untitled (Woman and daughter with makeup)


I learned to paint in brightness           you will too

We are bigger             we seem

This is more than painting      Don’t forget that

A new way to be colored         Make yourself

even    Paint yourself one shade         of dark

One shade of darkened earth

Use your fingers         I couldn’t we can’t afford

a brush            Don’t blush;     we can’t do that either

Color on your lips

Line first

See that valley –         the cupid’s bow

Go bright         above the peaks`

What we call accentuate

Gloss too         brightness you can buy

Look at yourself          turn your head

left then right  The lighting don’t matter

You’re shining from all angles

            That’s a sign of class

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