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1 poem

by Ky Lohrenz

Ky Lohrenz (she/her) is a queer poet from Houston, Texas. She is the associate poetry editor at Sunset Press. Her poems have appeared in Streetcake Magazine, Ghost City Press, and Clavmag. Find her on Twitter at @kelohrenz.

at the 7/11 a man coughs on me for wearing a mask

& blows me a kiss. saliva mixed with driftwood

mixed with the undercarriage of a storm.

i blame lack of federal funding for puddles in floodplains.

boarded-up boardwalks. portraits of women as wreckage

spray-painted on all fours. Katrina with blue cutoffs & a fat ass.

lightning strikes & all we can do is let ozone collect in our lungs,

suck on our rods until she comes. i’m tired of this

condensation in my throat. all that gas now mold. 

i mean this is as much about want as sickness. about this man,

filling his gas can with sink water, hoping he’s never that thirsty again.

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