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Kyle Seamus Brosnihan is a Filipino-American poet, playwright, and currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at Brooklyn College. He is the Arts Editor for the Brooklyn Review. His poetry has been published in Hobart, The Mantle, Interpret Magazine, Always Crashing, Boston Accent Lit, and elsewhere. His poem "Martha" was voted Poem of the Year by the Brooklyn Poets in 2020. His first full-length play, The Performance, premiered off-Broadway in March of 2020. His work was longlisted for Frontier Poetry’s 2021 Award for New Writers.

2 poems
Kyle Seamus Brosnihan

Editor's Note: We recommend reading these pieces on desktop due to their unique formatting.


         I am a deeply superficial person.
I like boring things, think everybody
            should like everybody.
                 Sex is more exciting
                                on the screen and
            between the pages than sheets.
The most exciting thing
is not doing it.   If you fall in love
                           with someone
                           and never do it,
a good picture
is one that’s in focus and of a famous person.
        I love Los Angeles,
                          and I love Hollywood.
                                 They are beautiful.
        Everybody is plastic.         I love plastic.
            When I got my first television set,
                          I stopped caring so much
                     about having close relationships.
People sometimes say the way
things happen in movies is unreal,
                          but actually, it’s the way
                     things happen to you in real
                               life that’s unreal.
The same lunch, every day, for twenty years.
They should have movies in restaurants.
I can’t believe so many people get together
just to sit there.                          Isn’t it abstract?
                     What are these people watching?


I want to make a surface work.
Sunflowers are like
                         people to me
I carry my landscapes around,
      paint for me and my dogs.
                We are in the studio
                       and they watch.
I don’t like fields
of sunflowers. I like them alone.
                         It’s a still place
like one word, one image—
a feeling about
                  lake michigan,
not a style.

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