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Lily Holloway

Lily Holloway has a chapbook in AUP New Poets 8 and a Laa-Laa tattoo on their wrist. You can find their work at Most importantly, Missy Elliott once replied to their Tweet. 

I want our story like

Torbay, remember, holding out for shiny pokémon

& one last smarting flirt before home. Or daring

each other to jump into the freshly emptied bins. I laugh

at just how pick me, please you are & how I could crush

your fat heart in one teenaged hand. I wish for a weight

to be added & a weight to be lifted. I wish for our morning-tea

bench to be whisked up into a hot gust of air with only

me on it & for nobody to be able to rescue me.

Look for me in the fountain & find me in the smallest eddy.

Look for me after class & find me in a maths block dust devil.

If only I had caught her you’ll say & think fondly of me, nothing

missing from your ribcage. If only I had held her

by the ankle I’ll hear, no violence on my body.

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