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2 poems
Lizzy Golda

Lizzy Golda (she/her) lives and works in Brooklyn. Her poems have been published in Prelude, Hot Pink Magazine, No, Dear Magazine, and Posit

Flying Fish by Marc Chagall

blue not sad just spiritual 

you with heaven 

for sure that fun is really near to me

great wedding 

the bride is a 


you are a horse

made out of night 

you are trying to tell me

my will matters 

and you got me

you are kind of a secret

who i see 

which makes me 


shitty events in the world 

but I hang out with you 

by some building 

you have a holy alphabet and 

a beautiful singing voice 

that sounds like stars around the field 

of me 

look up at a flying fish 

he’s us

when we do things 

though we can’t go there or there

due to problems 

of hate we can fly there or there and have confidence 

sometimes you are creative 

and into it


when you wake up somewhere bright alive 

although death 

is real and we haven’t 

talked in a very long time 

to be by your body is 

to be back in love  

under buckeyes up actual stones 

to listen together that is knowing 

what’s up 

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