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Lucía Carvalho is a writer, violinist, and cyberfeminist activist from the tropical region of Bolivia.

Liza St. James is a writer and translator from San Francisco.

1 poem
Lucía Carvalho

translated by Liza St. James

Technical Details

"Only a machine can appreciate a sonnet written by another machine." — Alan Turing

The humidity is so high

so high

that in every corner of my house

forests grow.


The humidity is so high

that the doors swell.


Now no one can enter.


The humidity is so high

that I grow mushrooms in my stomach

I grow mushrooms in the palms of my hands.


The humidity

is so high

high enough

that worms appear on the letters I write with my fingers

type with my thumbs.


Dangerous worms grow

that come from all the electronic letters I’ve received.



Overall risk rating: low.

Damage potential: high.

Distribution potential: high.

Reported infection: low.


The risk grows


As I keep sharing words

I used to hide under asterisks.


The risk grows


as the letters are replaced by numbers


The r1sk f4d3s.


The humidity is so high

it won’t let me open



It won’t let me close 



You won. 


I’m covered in 


Infection c0mpl3t3.

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