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M. Wright is the author of Dear Dementia (Ghost City Press) and a boy named jane (Bottlecap Press). He is the winner of The Atlantis Award for poetry and some of his published poems can be read on his website:

1 poem by M. Wright

Brown Bears


Conversation dies when
small amounts of ash meet
likewise ashes

& blur the safe space where
exhalation divorces sky.

Each of us remembers
the way the third hand

counting the single second
when love for our bodies
was pocketed

to seize the will to kill
other boys
for the sake of anything.

That burning relic
poured its leaflets at the
dreary pollen’rs shoe &

I just wanted to slip
his cigarette beneath my
paw to give us cause
to unzip our furs

& peer about ourselves
before emoting the beareyed
lethargy we veil
for good measure

when closeness invades
the sanctity of war.

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