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Mädchen Vivi is a photographer and visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil. At the beginning of her career, Vivi worked with image editing and photojournalism. In 2016, she discovered autobiographical artwork as the focus of her research and identified it as: "Confessional Female Photography (aqui tb pode ser "Feminine Confessional Photography.") From this identification, the artist experienced some visual narratives in fashion photography, enabling the deepening of her research focus and building her recognition in indie fashion photography of the 90s.

In order to issue the behavioral patterns of femininity within her proposal of construction and visual reading, Vivi uses subjective language with the purpose of challenging and stimulating personal power and female empowerment. In her projects, the artist makes use of digital photography, analogue art, and digital art in order to create and integrate socially a new narrative for languages that approximate her personal reflections and allow a new means of connection—mutual and intimate—which in some works are represented by the predominant colors pink and red, and which work with sharp objects and/or messages that cause and together merge into a new visual  concept  of femininity. Her inspirations often come from other women artists in music, film, and literature.

2 images
by Mädchen Vivi

I Didn't Promise You To See With My Heart (2019)

Unpleasant Emotions (2022)

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