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2 poems

by Maitreyi Ray

Maitreyi Ray is a poet & performance artist who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They play fast & loose with time and space. Come sit with them in their kitchen – they’ll talk yr ear off. Find them on Twitter @itsteensy.


call me wolf-mouth. call me ocean floor. call me wounded star-carrier. call me the fat between my legs, call me lukewarm slut. call me when i am teething on a cigarette, call me shamelessly, call me ur mother’s name. call me cunt, the suggestion of a grave. but don’t call me incense or dry lentil. or faraway blue sky. or dreamer. i have seen that the rice cooker is also a god, always boiling, never cooked. i have seen the way men make prayers out of me while they sharpen their fingers. i have lived for centuries as a painted calf kneeling in the mud.

the gelata

becoming two                 fingers in my blowhole                 teach me            the seascape                                                        i mean piss in my mouth    skimmed metallic  suction traps me   one long god               rippling her sun bleached creatures  my lip bled heat  swimming a shy wave                            nebula of light struck particles             dim when u                    combust             now polyp          i’m awake i’m the history of pleasing          i’m bits of singsong in the shadow of a woman                   i’m slip-

pery unearthed heat          i’m breathable plasma          i’m carrying dusk to the sea floor in my mouth     

now wave // now break

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