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1 poem

by Malcolm Slutzky

Malcolm Slutzky is a queer trans man from New Jersey. He is currently a physics student at Princeton University, and he spends most of his time staying up late, devouring vegan cookies, and playing Scrabble against himself. His poetry has previously been published in Blue Marble Review and Vagabond City.


which my

mother calls



even though

i am not sick.

boy child


on the edge

of the changing

wraps himself


in it like silk

like it knows

him already. the


good thing

about hormones

is that i do not


need anyone

else. i just lock

the door behind


me combat

boots muddy

puddle walks


all the way

to Nassau

& a right


turn which takes

me across the

street a CVS


& a white woman

will address

me by dead


name and call me

sweetie but at least

i will get my



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