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Marisa Tornello is a composer, vocalist, performance and visual artist, mover, and maker. From bodypaint and graphic scores to projection art, Tornello cultivates a platform for dialogue around the human psyche through the dual lens of trauma and healing. Their works have been shown at Roulette, the Tank, Jack, La MaMa ETC, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Vital Joint, Invisible Dog Arts Center, and Judson Church, and have been featured in the Exponential Festival and Ladyfest at the Tank. Tornello is from and based on Staten Island, and is currently pursuing their MM at the New School.

2 visual scores
by Marisa Tornello

raspy (september 2020)

performance notes

the raspberry smears itself upon the cardstock, wettening the thick paper as if to make its place known
the residue discolors and weakens the paper, withering its constitution every minute


i am tart, i am curt, i am full of seeds
i am life and
             my curves are nature
             you have nothing to do with
                          my existence
i am smooth and harsh
i am nourishment
                          i am red
nothing will change me
not even you


time does not exist. performer has liberty to pursue score as quickly or slowly as desired.
             chains of smashed raspberry (without lines) live in operatic descension
             jam smears (with lines) ask for tonal direction, but fail to inquire further (a shyness makes them distant)
             stains have audible breathiness, hollow, withered exhales
             seeds (|) are simple, forte, staccato, symmetrical, percussive, voice placed in mask
             partial larger chunks demand space and attention, broken trills in various pitches with fermata

sweet annie (2021)

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