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1 poem

by Mary Sims

Mary is a 19-year-old poet and writer published in The Poetry Annals, Kingdoms of the Wild, Mooky Chick, Anatolios Magazine, Moonchild Magazine, and more. She is currently working on her BA in English, and spends her days reading, collecting books, and exploring antique shops. Find her on twitter: @rhymesofblue

Mars Rover “Opportunity” Closes Transmission

And in the end, there wasn’t light,
but the absence of it. Silver for 
hands & ash for the bodies there 

weren’t. Okay, maybe I will let it
take me, but that doesn’t mean I 
lost. There is too much we found

here for just that. One day,
I will wake & there will be plenty
of paths lit back home. You

will not cry & I will return full
bodied & no longer wanting. 
My closing something other

than what holds me here. Dark
can mean whatever I need 
it to & I choose       warm.

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