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Marzi Margo

Marzi Margo is a person who writes and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Ver books include Emoji Revival (2022) and Blueberry Lemonade (2021), both published by Be About It Press. Ve tweets @wigglytuff_pink.

fucking a stranger twice my age in the back of a greyhound bus en route to cleveland

     fucking strangers feels better,

     feels better fucking strangers

     —joan of arc, “ne mosquitoes pass.”

there are plenty of lonesome faggot hearts

beneath the surface of the sea


like cops’ corpses in the dirt

making themselves useful as compost


after another night

of swiping right to silence


i think of him showing me

pictures of his younger self in drag


i touch myself to my memory

warm phantom feelings


dual-type fairy & ghost

hitting me hard & critical


a mental slideshow of hazy gazes

seeming more & more like memes


like me to my dad when he came out as a trump supporter:

“why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?”


or me when the man old enough to be my dad

asked if he could suck my cock & spit my cum into


my mouth:

“ok, boomer”

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