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Meghann Boltz is a poet living in Buffalo, NY. She recently completed an MA in Creative Writing: Poetry at the University of East Anglia and has work forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue and the anthology My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry.

2 poems by Meghann Boltz

Commercials Get Me Sweaty About Death


in a shallow ditch filled with limbs I open a can of worms answer the cordless phone  

scream: We don’t want your kind, Anne Sexton!  


the grass is teething & only has faith in snails.


Live Girls


i’m a joke


a laugh


a hoot


a five cent peep show


without a single chirp


my curtain’s stuck &


the slot sticks


no one can slide their coin in


feeling bad the Plexiglas®


asks me to dance


i do


but the regret comes quickly


now i’m done there’s


nowhere for either of us to go


it’s awkward after that


i chew glitter just to stay


awake & hope its sharp edges


take my edge off too


the harsh of the sharp is alert


& silvery


it makes me reel


i close my eyes & pretend


i’m plastic like my shoes


my cheap




magic shoes that give me


an en pointe upright arch &


wishbone legs that splay


i’m my own modern day Barbie®


just without the Dreamhouse®


or the fast pink car or


the sexless man


who only wants to hold hands


but i’ve got things she doesn’t


like the downtown train  


& this broken box


where even the window


leers at me

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