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1 poem
by Molly Thornton

Molly Thornton is a queer, LA-based multi-genre writer. Her manuscript Proof of You was longlisted by the 2020 [PANK] and Dzanc Books' contests. Her writing appears in The LA Times, They Said anthology, Hippocampus Mag, Lavender Review, and more. She is a Lambda Literary Fellow and Pride Poet.

All Occasion Chaos

There’s no need to write poems 

with my swiss cheese life forgotten

blending into the background like a used cup

growing only in dust


Here’s the home with safe bedrooms

A dog who sleeps quietly and unshakeable love
I’m not familiar with the me’s I used to be 

and their internal chaos expressed


There are new waves

but less romantic

The anxieties of secure adulthoods

predictable desires and woes

I gave up the drama Mostly

But I still have to ask

Who I am if I don’t 

grasp every wayward thing


There’s still fires and lies and terror

I don’t have to make the world hard 


How to give up small dilemmas and accept

Trouble finds itself

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