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1 poem

by Napoleon Touafek

napoleon touafek is a digital nomad DIY gothpop gossip poet banshee probably currently vagabonding to a library/cemetery/24-hour coffee shop/supermarket near you ASAP.


chic ad-lib of a glitch u slo-mo AWOL i pastel there the

marquee under it i farenheighten the mood u posh

& u black dress barbiturate in a fairy tale porno

anorexic in my dialectic i credit reel it’s punished positivity ghosting ur kiss back

the daydreamed kiss back pursed beyond ur lips the harmony that

is hearing blinks when looking i euphemism myself

into euthanasia past the equator of aborted atoms

which scaffold my skin now an abducted séance now my

voiceover gasp over these rose-tinted pupils rorschach my flirt

u hot-box heartthrob u gaslight my ex u counter-intuitive-automatic

moonlit stupid cupid i gesticulate a cult around ur cum

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