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2 poems

by Nate Vaccaro

Nate Vaccaro is a fake '90s kid and recent college graduate living in Rhode Island. Their poetry has appeared in OCCULUM, FIVE:2:ONE Magazine, and Vagabond City.

Animal Crossing

Deliver the ancient glyph of friendship

In a small time capsule. Don’t peek inside,

It’s what neighbors do now and then. We were


Waiting for the psychic shop to open,

Cursing donations to the government

Which was ourselves in the office chair    & also


In the hollow river, by the fruit trees, in the garden.

There’s a song for 2am, we listen—


Remain in the house forever. You will be a local

& live on also & live on anyway, long after me


Isabelle crying again, Isabelle the heart

Is an aching balloon, Isabelle last night

We listened to the rain for hours            & slipped 


Where I go we linger & when I go we get by

Keep me a little real in the mainframe of town

Until the whole rising sun unravels        & we bury


Our remnants by the orange tree.

At the Adult Video Store

a band-aid over my nose, the scar from small

flecks of dust brushed off the angel settlement

on the moon where all our friends have smoother

skin than we could hope for as Italian-Americans


my mother and i crying in the garden

over wealth inequality, we could work

10,000 years on minimum wage

or dissolve into Jeff Bezos over decades


in 2093 inject the last plastic bag into my

ass gleaned from the deepest part of the ocean

at the adult video store nesting in the trenches

the best pornos are the ones without sound or


visuals. everyone’s doing point-and-shoot

for pocket change, no one is happy with pesticides

except Anna Nicole’s ghost is still drinking

whiskey in heaven & kissing Margaret Cho. twenty-twenty 


is the worst age to be a robot, stick my

consciousness back in infancy archaic

as VCRs but there is no other way to watch

porn without archive, ejected from the video slot like


nothing we did ever really happened

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