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1 poem

by Nate Vaccaro

Nate Vaccaro is a writer and internet explorer living and working in small-town Rhode Island. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram at natejvaccaro. 

Shelley Duvall on Dr. Phil in 2016 oh my god

tinfoil & i’ll die
worms & i’ll die
robin williams & i’ll die
good conspiracy & i’ll die
invade & i’ll die pictures i’ll die evidence i’ll die

in minor roles she was a movie
star for the nuclear ‘70s heated on the Mars

axis in my head calls shelley shelley shelley

shelley shelley & i’ll die—like you

ancient on the TV screen your mind

is American public domain. Dr. Phil

splatters you for broadcast creating

snuff infomercials for the brainy

metropolis oozing in the router,


if i say i’m healthy
first thing they’ll do
is hurt me tonight

& vivian kubrick is a Scientology

philanthropist raising Thetan’s cash

in the government lie, babbling America

again America

we watch you wriggle everywhere like snow

plugging our ears with garlic against the audio


oh my god shelley
you are burnt under crazies, a country
built to get the psychics out of us—like you

the desperate ways we can

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