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Paige Melin is a poet, editor, and feminist from Buffalo, NY. She is the author of the book of poetry Puddles of an Open (BlazeVOX, 2016) and the micro chapbookMTL/BFL//ÉTÉ/QUINZE (Buffalo Ochre Papers, 2016). She co-founded and edits steel bellow: a purely buffalo literary magazine, served as an editorial advisor for My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry (Blazevox, 2017), and has worked at the SUNY Buffalo Poetry & Rare Books Collection and the National Poetry Foundation. Follow her @paige_melin.

1 poem by Paige Melin



Is it crazy if I just sit here & stare at the screen

until I see you’ve

started typing?


  I’ll write this instead.


All my dreams lately

are about buildings


& your ghost is in all of them –


or your future,

I can’t tell which.


There are high ceilings &



of spaces,


like it matters.


I wake up into this world

which feels less so


like life &

more so


like dreaming –


is it crazy if I say I think I’m

coming down with that neurosis where

you can’t distinguish dreams

from reality?



are my dream

for so long

& now –


I’m waiting


for the circles


& the drift of this




We’re not


at emoji level yet but

I imagine your eyes


when you’re reading my words


& that

seems close enough for now.

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