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5 paintings

by Phoebe Lee

Phoebe Lee is a self-taught painter who enjoys capturing still life scenes. She draws on people's Instagram photos as inspiration for her work, as they often capture joyous or personal moments in time. She explores themes of nostalgia and innocence, and counts the images of children in costumes as part of her favorite subject matter. She likes to paint small, but is working her way up towards larger canvasses. She also takes photos in her spare time, which act as a foil to her paintings. They explore similar themes but are more solitary and focus on the "after", whereas her paintings focus on the present moment. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her partner and cat. Find her on Instagram and on her website.

Phoebe Lee 2.jpg
Phoebe Lee 3.jpg
Phoebe Lee 4.jpg
Phoebe Lee 5.jpg
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