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pony p

pony p is an artist and poet based in philly. a triple sagittarius, their work is the test tube baby of kate bush and trent reznor from nine inch nails. currently, they are thinking about hypnosis, victorian consumption, and the relationship between insanity and divinity.


“become a creature of war! DESTROY!

…no, not like that!”


a horse named Regret is the first filly to win the Kentucky Derby in 1915

65 years later she is followed by Genuine Risk

42 years after we meet in a Jupiter cazimi

you tell me that carnations are the most abused flower

milky oat tops calm the nerves

how you almost became a bull rider

and that you can smell the iron when I bleed


I lay down
stressed out and sexy


my one trick is that
I am a homing pigeon for good leather  

and I can make psychic pasta


we dream of having two dogs named Chess and Poetry


my sweet shield

my Joan of Arc

coming to meet me

in the field of haha

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