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Bittersweet Goodbyes to Rax King and Richard Chiem

We are so bummed to share that our beloved teammates Rax King and Richard Chiem are moving on from their positions at Peach. While we're sad to see them go, we're so grateful for all of the time, care, and realness they brought to this special little project during their time as editors.

Rax first got involved with Peach during Season 3 when she contributed two poems, "Things I can easily imagine Elon Musk doing" and "Love song for Dick Wolf," to the journal and later to our Season 3 Yearbook. In the middle of Season 4, we brought her on as our very first essays editor to give some much-needed attention to the incredibly exciting creative nonfiction submissions we'd been receiving. In the nearly three years since, Rax has selected, edited, and published at least one stellar creative essay in our online journal every single month.

Richard joined our team as fiction editor last year. He first got involved with Peach in Season 5 when we invited him to perform at a virtual Episode, and later guest-edited fiction during an open reading period that season. After bringing him on as our official fiction editor in Season 6, we hit a record number of fiction submissions, and have been so psyched to see the pieces he's wanted to share with our readers every month in the time since.

It's been the absolute realest working with you, Rax and Richard! Thanks for everything. We miss you already.



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