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Deadline Extended + Peach Gold for Mutual Aid

Photo credit: Abhinav Anguria

We are extending the deadline for this year’s Peach Gold in Poetry with guest judge ALOK to Thursday, April 30 at 11:59 PM EST.

We are also now offering a third option for the payment of entry fees. In addition to requesting fee waivers or paying fees through our shop, interested entrants are invited to send the editors ( screenshots of donation receipts made to any mutual aid fund in the amount equivalent to their desired number of entries—a $10 donation is equivalent to one entry, a $15 donation is two entries, $20 is three, and so on. For examples of mutual aid funds, visit Get Help Give Help. The receipt must be timestamped between today (April 20) and the deadline. Those who already entered are invited to take advantage of the discounted additional entry fee and enter additional poems—i.e., if you entered a poem for $10, you may enter a second poem by donating $5 to a mutual aid fund.

For a full list of instructions, more information on our guest judge, or explanations of our selection process or use of raised funds, please visit the Gold 2020 page of our website.

Best of luck, and stay safe!



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