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Introducing Our Season 6 Peach Seeds PLUS a Flash Open Reading Period for Youth

We are so psyched to introduce Season 6's participants in the Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors, Alison Cao and Alyssa Gu! In celebration, we are holding a flash reading period for poets, writers, and artists age 12 to 18 beginning today through September 15. Learn how to submit here.

Alison Cao is a high school senior from Irvine, CA. She was a 2020 graduate of the Adroit Summer Mentorship Program under Claire Wahmanholm. Her work has appeared in The Eunoia Review and Mineral Lit Mag, and she has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Alyssa is a Chinese-American writer and high school senior from the suburbs of New York City. Like a typical little sister, she began writing at the age of six because her older sister was also writing. Since then, she has written countless pieces, ranging from zombie apocalypse novels to sonnets, and acquired a sizeable collection of notebooks. In her free time, Alyssa can be found journaling, studying, and watching Formula 1.

The Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors is our annual editorial program for high school seniors interested in developing their editorial and curatorial skills, working on an independent literary project, and building artistic community. Among a variety of responsibilities, Alison and Alyssa are given a monthly spot in our online journal to fill with work by other young writers and artists, as well as the opportunity to book teen writers and artists to perform at our Episodes Reading Series.

Welcome, Alison and Alyssa!



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