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Introducing Our Season 7 Peach Seeds Amy Wang and Caroline Wu

We are so psyched to introduce Season 7's participants in the Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors, Amy Wang and Caroline Wu! Among a variety of responsibilities, Amy and Caroline are joining our team this year to select and edit youth features for our online journal. We're kicking off their tenure with a double feature in the journal tomorrow presenting both Amy and Caroline's creative work—stay tuned!

Amy Wang is a writer from California. She is a 2020 prose alumnus of The Adroit Journal's summer mentorship under Andrew Gretes. When not crying over fanfiction, you can find her translating Chinese literature, coding, and taking long walks.

Caroline Wu is a high school student from Ohio. She hopes to capture the quiet and lyrical moments in everyday life. In her free time, she enjoys painting, going on long hikes, and ribbon embroidery. She often watches Instagram movie-edits on repeat and wishes she had a pet cat, despite her allergies.

The Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors is our annual editorial program for high school seniors who want to develop their editorial and curatorial skills, work on an independent publishing project, and build artistic community of their own. The program was established in Buffalo in 2018, went virtual in 2020, and is currently open to rising seniors based anywhere in the United States.

Welcome, Amy and Caroline!



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