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Peach Mag Is Now Part of Arts Access

We're very happy to share that we are now officially participating in Arts Access, a program by Arts Services Initiative of Western New York that aims to break the barriers of inaccessibility to the arts, which are often costs, transportation, and knowledge of events. The program partners with many of Western New York's arts and cultural institutions⁠—including galleries, theaters, literary organizations, and more⁠—to offer free or discounted admission to low-income individuals and their families. Arts Access pass-holders also have the opportunity to receive free transportation to and from these events.

We've been ineligible for Arts Access in the past because our events are normally free; however, with our sick anti-Valentine's Day party Cupid's Rejects coming up in February, where tickets are $10, we've decided it's time to officially participate in this important program. We ask that Arts Access pass-holders email us at in advance of the event so we can plan for an accurate headcount. And—fuck it—even if you're not an Arts Access pass-holder but you want to come and can't afford a ticket, please just email us—no questions asked.

To learn more about Arts Access, visit



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