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s06e01: Shabby Doll House (virtual) World Tour, co-hosted by The Bushwick Review

We're kicking off the sixth season of our reading series with a very special event: the East Coast stop on Shabby Doll House's (virtual) world tour, co-hosted by our friends at The Bushwick Review!


  • s06e01: Shabby Doll House (virtual) World Tour

  • Thursday, October 28, 2021; 8pm ET

  • Readings by Lucy K Shaw, Sarah Jean Alexander, Ashley Obscura, Caroline Rayner, Kelly Xio, and Sebastian Castillo

  • Hosted by Peach Mag and The Bushwick Review

  • Online via Zoom

  • Closed captioning provided

  • Free and open to the public

  • Advance registration required

Shabby Doll back!

Shabby Doll House, the journal, was an online publisher of literature and visual art founded by Lucy K Shaw in 2012 and often edited by Sarah Jean Alexander. In 2021, after a lil hiatus (during which time Lucy founded -Profound Experience, an online journal and book club), Shabby Doll House relaunched as a press with new books by Lucy and Sarah Jean! Hell yeah!

Writing, running, reading poetry, talking with Chinese children, eating cheese, and drinking red wine with death in the distance, Lucy K Shaw's Troisième Vague is an epistolary nonfiction novel set in a small French town.

We Die In Italy is Sarah Jean Alexander's second full-length collection of poetry. She wrote many of these poems in Brooklyn, NY while wired shut with a broken jaw and drinking her meals through a straw.

About our co-host, The Bushwick Review

The Bushwick Review is a Brooklyn-based literary and art magazine edited by Kristen Felicetti (our former guest fiction editor!) and designed by Tim Vienckowski. The magazine weaves together the work of more than 20 contributors in each issue, including short stories, essays, interviews, poetry, photography, paintings, drawings, architecture, embroidery, plays, comics, and more. Learn more about The Bushwick Review and scoop some previous issues.

Meet the readers

Lucy K Shaw is the author of The Motion, WAVES, How To Be A Perfect Bride, and Troisième Vague. She founded the online arts and literature magazines Shabby Doll House and -Profound Experience, and runs the -Profound Experience of Poetry Book Club, which you are welcome to join if you want to.

Sarah Jean Alexander is the author of the poetry collection We Die in Italy (Shabby Doll House, 2021) and Wildlives (2015, 2nd ed. 2018). She has been the poetry editor of Shabby Doll House since 2013 and tweets at @skinwasher.

Ashley Obscura is a multi-disciplinary poet and literary curator. She is the author of Ambient Technology (2018), I Am Here (2014), and three video game scripts: Oceanarium (2020), Songs of the Lost (2019), and Museum of Symmetry (2018). She is the founder and managing editor of Metatron Press, an award-winning literary publisher. She look towards the dissemination and creation of poetry as an act of world-changing and building.

Caroline Rayner is a writer and teacher from Richmond, VA. She’s the author of calorie world (Sad Spell, 2017). Her work can be found in KEITH LLC, jubilat, Black Warrior Review, Peach Mag, Shabby Doll House, and elsewhere. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts.

Kelly Xio (b.1989) is an Emily Dickinson with WiFi who lives in the DMV with her plant sons, Tchaikovsky, Hurston, Mishima, and Ernesto. Loves peonies and that initial gust of sticky glutinous air when the rice is done.

Sebastian Castillo is the author of Not I and 49 Venezuelan Novels. He lives in Philadelphia.



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