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Prairie M. Faul is a Cajun Poet and flagrant transsexual. She is the author and designer of Burnt Sugarcane (GloWorm Press 2017) and Root-Heart (self-published). Her collected work can be found at

2 poems by Prairie M. Faul



Unbidden I find myself in between your teeth. So it goes: hands then cheeks. So it's morning:  memories lie back down after drinking water straight from the faucet in the bathroom. Reflection of bruised trinkets traced in the mirror with nude tones, reflection of scabbed bottom lip & crumbs of last night’s lipstick. There's bible thumping in my bones & when you open your mouth I will go from house to house, when you open your mouth I will name every tooth manhood & nail a picture of your bed to every door.







What do you think of seeds? I wake up agape and cold in a crowd of people. Where my stomach should be there’s freshly dug earth. I think birds bathe in it, or maybe just shit. I leave stained dresses there & mound the dirt. Leaves bend uncomfortable under a single dew droplet & fuck do I relate. When I look around I see a hundred thousand strings shaking with tension. They run from the bed to your forehead, from my ankle to the ‘for rent’ sign next door, from these bottles of medicine and beer to every moment that's definitely totally going to pass.

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