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At the end of Season 3, we got back in touch with a selection of our contributors to see what they've been working on since their Peach Mag feature. The Yearbook anthology series publishes the original features alongside new work as portraits of the artists then and now. We were inspired by the feeling of opening a yearbook in June, flipping to the photo that was taken in September, and thinking, "This doesn't look anything like me anymore."


Starring: Aeon Ginsberg, Alexa Locksley, Alina Pleskova, Ally Young, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Ashley Obscura, Ava Hofmann, Ava Wolf, Colette Arrand, Danny Merlino, Eden Lowinger, Fargo Tbakhi, Ivanna Baranova, JoAnna Novak, Julianne Neely, Kina Viola, Melissa Leigh Gore, Mickey Harmon, Patricia Thomasson, Rachael Lee Nelson, Rax King, Sara Bess, Sarah Jane Barry, Sophie Hustwick, Spencer Williams, Taylor Yocom, Trinity Ridout, Yumi Dineen Shiroma, Zefyr Lisowski, and Zinnia Smith.


Published by Peach Mag in August 2019.

Edited by Rachelle Toarmino, Matthew Bookin, Bre Kiblin, RE Katz, Jakob Maier, Liz Bowen, C. C. Camuglia, Shayna Kiblin, and Sage Enderton.

Cover art by Mickey Harmon.

Layout design and video trailer by Rachelle Toarmino.


Download the free PDF.

Season 3 Yearbook

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