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2 poems 

by Quinn Flom

quinn flom is a fire sign from toronto. their work has been published by metatron and the continuist. find them on instagram @softdog1.

slam dunk


i roll a basketball towards you


michael jordan is slicing honeydew in the other room

the cicadas are screaming

    the sidewalks turn to sand

i leave the porch light on

    the mat says WE’LL COME HOME

the leaves catch fire

    i set the table wrong

the chandelier is on fire and

    you’re still here

         you haven’t left

    the keys press themselves

the dog growls at the windowsill

you take off your socks and

your feet stick to the floor

    your green eyes turn gold

the peonies are covered in ants

    so we bring them inside


bodily D.I.Y.




the same

just rearranged


i’m changing a tire in the driveway

performing masculinity

for the neighbours to see


embodying possibilities

with my homemade corporeality


referencing judith butler

so i can talk about gender

without plagiarizing myself


am i always going to feel this?


tugging my shirt

as if i will somehow be boy


growing my hair

as if i will somehow be girl


carrying myself

as though

i am

no longer

weighed down


carrying the weight of

my iPhone




i wonder what Apple is trying to tell me

about bodily becoming

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