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Rachael Lee Nelson is a New York City based writer and painter. Her work has been published in Shabby Doll House and Stufft.

2 poems

by Rachael Lee Nelson


i’m wondering what
color wine you like
to drink and which wings
songs make you cry
i’m carrying around cake
in a cardboard box
               alone in my apartment
                i am trying on
                 all of my underwear
                             i am climbing the ladder
                             to my roof in the rain
                             to text you photos of the fog
                                          i’m walking around the city
                                          feeling like a prime number
                                          like something shiny and      unashamed

(have you always been the kind of person
who arrives with soup on a snow day)

We are having A Romance you tell me
While i’m slurping a pina colada
And then its shall we dance
Let us dance
Lettuce dance
Is she romaine or baby gem tonight
With candy at that place with the lights
In new york city
I like exactly 5 restaurants
And 12 people and that’s why
i can never leave!

The bartender can tell we are cool,
Right? So we leave him half of all our money and go
To the next place and for all the kisses
Our cheeks can fit we empty the rest of our pockets
It goes around, we catch it when it comes
I never have gone to bed hungry
You let me pick what side i want
And flash! It’s another morning




i grew up without a word

for when the sun is shining

when it rains and i think it’s better

for there to still be things

in nature with no names

that way they get to just

remain phenomena


it’s raining when the sun is shining and we

are all living in abundance!

if i order fries

will you eat some?

if i refer to myself as a twenty-something

three weeks before my thirtieth birthday

will you indulge me?


hey, it’s always been a wild year

no one is ever not having

an insane time

things are constantly catching

on fire and being put out

my friends are the kind of people

who come to the hospital with bags of candy

and invite you to pool parties

and trade you dresses in the bathroom

and let you take a nap in the middle of the day

even if you are in paris, france


i do not believe

i have ever in my life said

“i think one bottle of champagne

will be enough”

in order to weep

in order to lick your wounds

and those of your clique

you gotta stay hydrated


one day i couldn’t walk a mile

and another i was on top of a mountain!

in montana!

there are reasons to keep yourself alive:

like your parents

and seeing animals in the wild

and bob seger on the radio

and dinner


in chinese 8 is the luckiest number

and looks like a mountain

well i was born in 88

which is double the luck

and two mountains

so when you climb one you

have another just to look at

tell me what’s better

than a t shirt and a toothbrush

from the best looking person

i have ever seen!

in the summer at four

in the morning

three weeks before my

thirtieth birthday


the funniest joke i know about

is when one person drinks water

and the other screams its poison!

and the first person spits it all out


what happens to one of us

happens to all of us

mushrooms have underground

networks in the forest that

keep everything alive

which is why i’ll always watch

your bag for you when you get up

to use the bathroom

at the coffee shop or pick you up

from the airport in a convertible

or meet all your coworkers at an

office sponsored happy hour or

rescue you from drowning or

pass you a napkin or

remember your food allergies or

help you move in the summer

even when you own a stupid amount

of books that you are not

going to read or

party hard on your birthday or

kiss you on the mouth



there is just so much stuff!

humans are wrapping up but

i’m learning about things


impossibly, in the final act

there are still new pop songs

and some of them are

really good

we are living in abundance

and it is phenomenal!

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