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Richard K. Ostrander is a writer who currently resides in the Carolinas. He has been published most recently at Spill words. Richard has two books, The Epic of Hell Freeze and The Metaphysician's Daughter, both from BlazeVOX Books.  Richard has never been up to Buffalo, NY, but believes it to be perhaps a shared state of mind accessible to those willing to achieve such.

1 poem by Richard K. Ostrander

Emoji Face with Tears of Joy
For Kathryn


When I am not speechless
my words fail wording what I want.
It was just sunny out.
Now a conveyor belt of clouds
clamors over head
because where else would they be.
I think there's only one thing
more beautiful than rain on a tin roof.
There was this time in Germany,
we were making an ascent on the Zugspitze
with clouds collapsing all about;
finger nails ripped to quick on rock.
We kept climbing through mist
'till we broke out into sun.
I could see across an ocean of white
to other peaks like islands in sky
which is what I feel when you smile.
Your eyes crinkle like
Rice Krispies®.
A snare drum overhead, it is raining now. 

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