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Richelle Kota (she/her) is a writer, nature enthusiast, and a student living in Philadelphia. In 2017 she released her first self-published work, Where There Were Roses: A Memoir Through Poems. Her work has been published by Cordella Magazine, Visual Verse, and Recenter Press. She aspires to live a very simple life on a farm with many pigs, goats, and dogs. You can follow her @tiniestdad on Instagram.

1 prose poem by Richelle Kota

How Many Times Will We Go Over This?

Was there a fire? I can’t seem to remember anything, but the bullet that

didn’t enter in a straight line. I experienced pain that controlled my

whole body. My hands carried an invisible heaviness. I was so sad.

Dead and far away, I found a

tiny bit of him that wasn’t



I found a bountiful amount of

him in a field where lilacs like

to grow. I found so much of

him when I remembered the fire

You convince me that there is sweetness

under the dark tender of peaches and pears. I

think there is a hell here, too— in the

retching of being alive. And though I do not

go, Sunday remains my holy day. This time

last year, it was filling me, high watered and

drowning. It still reaches here, sometimes in

the quiet of the dark as I whisper:

For the last time, I’m sorry

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