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S. Brook Corfman

S. Brook Corfman is the author of My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites, one of The New York Times Best Poetry Books of 2020, finalist for a Publishing Triangle Award, and winner of the Fordham University Press POL Prize, chosen by Cathy Park Hong. They are also the author of the poetry collection Luxury, Blue Lace, chosen by Richard Siken for the Autumn House Rising Writer Prize, and several chapbooks including Frames (Belladonna* Books). Find them on Twitter @sbrookcorfman &

Dairy or Sugar

I told the doctor I was not over-disposed

toward dairy or sugar. Not more

than normal. She seemed to believe me.

To be believed.

But that night, the supermarket closed

and the honey crystallized, I heated it

to drink it, risking the leech of plastic.

I left the store holding only mozzarella

and chocolate. One way to think about a lie

is that it holds on while something shifts,

before it can be faced, before it is ready

to be named. Rather than take a plastic bag,

we simply keep it in our pocket.

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