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Sage Shemroske (they/them) is a twenty-something queer poet living in the Chicago area. They started writing when they listened to their therapist who asked them to 'try writing your feelings down'. They tweet @witchxtits and occasionally update their blog

1 poem

by Sage Shemroske

Teenager From the Black Lagoon

Remember Animorphs?

I think I’m    mutating

You can see my emerging puberty on the cover of a book

everything from developing too early to growing seaweed tendrils between my thighs

Part teenage girl //

part ragged amphibian dragging my body up from the ocean floor

                            and into the girls bathroom stall    pass me a cigarette


I only appear in the mirror to people who say teen angst three times in a row

to show them the afterlife of passed age 18

I am doomed to relive high school over and o VerR and o v e r and o  v E r AG a i n

until I have learnt my lesson

Until I take a good school picture

Vote me Prom Monarchy

Most Likely to Drag Aaron on the Football Team Into the Unending Black Abyss


If any boys are DTF I have a blowhole

and if we go steady I will show you my glorious webbed hands

             that have replaced any meticulously placed acrylic nails


I have now lived in lockers and swamps and sewers

                                      dirt and grime have made me e t e r n a l


I bought my prom dress    forever   ago

feel up the perky slime balls on my chest

             Let’s all play spin the bottle

kiss and swap mold in each other’s mouths

Open chasms in each other’s chests

speak tongues and utter prophecies into existence

                                     during the slow dance


I remember my first time

It was eons ago

I lose my virginity every time I am reborn


After graduation I will be

             depleted of moth-eaten knowledge

No longer science experiment woman

Just girl in the first stage of transformation

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