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1 poem

by Sara Jane Strickland

Sara Jane Strickland is a freelance writer and poet living in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Bad Nudes, Room Magazine, Joyland, FASHION, i-D, CBC Life, and others. She holds an MFA in creative writing through The University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto.

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother is sick of

pretty things.
Fairy Godmother turned

the strawberry jam

on my toast into

cigarette ashes.

I choked and spit them

on the floor.

Fairy Godmother downed

a 40 of vodka

and threw the bottle

against the wall.

Fairy Godmother waved

her wand and turned

her own shoes

into rotting garbage bags.

She flew around my head

leaking sour milk

and burnt coffee

into my hair.

When I told her to stop,

she pulled out her tampon

and flung it around

like a lasso.

She yelled,

“Get fucked, little doggy!

Eat my shit.”

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