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Sarah Haeckel

Sarah Haeckel studied creative writing at Colgate University and currently writes poems. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, or more specifically on Instagram @shexygon. Her previous work lives there, too!

Irreverent happy hour

I don’t feel like talking about me

But do u want to talk about u?

No, I just feel like

I’ve been in my head alllll-


day - brain mush

I’m just letting you know that my brain is mush

right now.

Some days I misspell my name Sarha

and some days I misspell it Sarag

And ya, I don’t know if this is going to make


To you

But today I’ve been spelling it

S-O-R-R-Y-exclamation point

Today I called myself by my Instagram handle

As if we’d never

Officially met


Maybe I do have something to say but I can’t

Make it charming

And maybe I have something to say

But I’m worried I could’ve said the same thing

two years ago

Or that I didn’t have the means then

But who I am now is just Sarah two years ago + two years

Like S - 2 + 2

So S + 0

So S

So just S


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