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Šari Dale

Šari Dale writes from a small town in Northern British Columbia on the traditional territory of the Lheidli T'enneh. Her work has been published in EVENT, The Malahat Review, and Grain, among others, and anthologized in Best Canadian Poetry 2021 and Poetry Daily. Para-Social Butterfly, her first collection of poetry, was recently published by Metatron Press.


Like trees, the trees radiantly undulate.


I must experience the sublime


the green profundity of nature.


Do you think I’m a person of depth?


Sensitive to celestial pulsations—


like flowers, the flowers radiate color.


I must have a solitary experience


I must collapse in a scenic canyon


and take the world’s meaning.


Are you a girl getting my attention?


When nature is gone, I’ll call—


I look at nature while you look at me


and think “yes, I certainly would”

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